Next Generation Intellectual Property

What if there was a way for startups to properly extract IP value? Now there is, with the Intagible One IPR solution.

Whether it be copyright, trademark, patent or other intangibles- the vision of Intangible One is to help entrepreneurs protect and then monetize their assets. Creating innovative solutions, not just for your bottom-line, but also your digital presence. Why is IP not valued amongst young growth companies? Intellectual property is the future value creator and often, there is a lack of awareness and education concerning IP from startups and fresh entrepreneurs. IP provides a framework for analysis of the over-arching exit potential, but most individuals do not plan for this long-term scenario.


15 Research. 11 Screening. 16 Registration. 17 Protection. 20 Reporting. 21 Exclusives. Giving you the essential elements to create your IP.


Who is Intangible One for? This is designed for legal professionals, entrepreneurs, managers and creatives. There is a definitive need for a proper solution that is aligned with the current startup environment and that has a backbone within the IP space.

Global reach. Catering to residents of the world.


What is the 2020 outlook for Intangible One? Envisioning massive growth, both for the entrepreneurs that add new value to their existing and soon-to-be IP portfolios and for people in the venture connecting space. There couldn’t be a better time to build an IP portfolio or enhance your current properties. What is the most critical resource catalyst for intellectual property development? Intangible One believes that it is the right tools, at the right time, with the right people, which is why this application has been made, just with growth innovation and monetisation in mind. Start today, with the go-to IP market solution.

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Helping scale your intellectual property.

Intangible One has deep experience in management and intellectual property, and with an applied methodology, only the best practices are implemented for the wider environment. Think of the IP world like a canvas, and Intangible One, is your paint; here to help co-create the future of value creation.