Tyner Group’s flagship product: Intangible One

For the inventive ark, Intangible One, is the core of Tyner Group. Serving entrepreneurs and innovators alike, who need to start or increase the value of their IP portfolio. Providing an affordable alternative to current products, with an advanced asset cloud application. We are pioneers in this space, and are continuously discovering new approaches to elevate IP returns in different forms that are at the leading edge.

How does this help ventures?

Intangible One enables users to protect and then extract value from their IP. This is done at a very competitive cost. A commitment to the happiness of the customer drives our innovation and your success in the sector and industries beyond.

What's in it for entrepreneurs?

By providing an example IP portfolio, Tyner Group composes a storyline that can be adopted for massive growth. We also develop top-tier educational content, to lower the barriers of entry to this new sector and bridge the great IP divide.


What if there was a way to significantly increase your valuation? Now there is: the future of IP for young companies is here. Digital solutions for less than 9.95NZD a month. With a focus on research, protection, extraction and reporting. You increase the value of your IP, and investors have a better reason to invest, a win-win for the entire marketplace. Understanding the entrepreneurial startup space is a paramount to properly serving an IP product that our customers love. We have deep experience in management and intellectual property, and with an applied methodology, only the best practices are implemented for the wider environment. Think of the IP world like a canvas, and Intangible One, is your paint; here to help co-create the future of value creation.